Akim straight from Berlin hits the Lab this week

First Brad Downey, now Vietnam born Akim hits the streets of Manchester this week as part of our unique 2 week Berlin Art Residency – exploring and interacting with Manchester’s public spaces.
This week expect

  • An inspirational presentation - Akim will share his archive of signature 3D typographic structures
  • He’ll be exploring the following questions-
  • What is public space?  How do I perceive this space?  How will I then be perceived by others?  What is expected of me?
  • New possibilities - answers to these questions and then to implement into concrete interventions in the public spaces to be explored.

Join us at the Lab if you have 5/6 days free to explore and fully immerse yourself in producing spontaneous sculptures citywide.

Since the late 80s,  Akim has been immersed in  graffiti writing and street art culture. A highly respected artist, his  3D  typographic structures  Integrated into the architectural and urban space became his signature.

Akim’s focus will be  targeted actions in the urban spaces to question and reinterpret how we view the space.

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