Michael Barnes-Wynters (aka Barney)

Michael (aka Barney) will be the first ever NOISE Free Arts Lab Guest Curator, bringing with him his vast networks and creative contacts he has made and helped shape over the last two decades in Manchester.

Doodlebug: a gem of intimately provocative mindfood, smeared with a wonky mix of live music: movement: short films: dramatic extracts juxtaposed debate, sneaky whispers...and food.”

Barney is British born Jamaican artist curator whose passion for diversity is constantly reflected in the wonderful mix of artists with whom he collaborates and perform at his uniquely provocative events/interventions. 2009 marked the 20 year milestone of Barney’s arrival in the city.

Many have been inspired and given opportunities to develop their creative talents through his innovative creative platform known as Doodlebug.

Moving from his hometown of Bristol back in '89, Doodlebug was born in 1991 as a creative platform  for  its culturally diverse Northwest  based   artists,  musicians,  performers  and  DJs. Doodlebug's debut event in '94 presented the unknown DJ Shadow and DJ Krush...headz session(mo wax records). During this time Doodlebug provided a platform for unknown artists the likes of as Mr. Scruff, Andy Votel and Alison David to develop and explore their creative practices.

its annual celebration of visual/street arts known as International Doodlebug Day-Viva La Muralists! IDD ( 99-06), held simultaneously in Manchester, London and Tokyo, IDD nurtured talent the likes of Pete Fowler and gave rise to the scrawl collective whilst introducing the UK’s first street art expo at Urbis, Manchester in 2003, which moved onto the Tate Modern in 2008.

 As an original Speakeasy member, he has been instrumental in the success of Contact Theatre in Manchester since it’s opening in ‘99 and continues to successfully programme it’s exhibitions and events.

 Michael has presented more than 250 artists through his ‘Doodlebug Presents…’ showcases. Unearthing many hidden gems of the North West’s creative community at the city’s leading arts venues such as the Cornerhouse, Urbis and Contact, as well as taking his event to the Big Chill, decibel showcases  and  Aukland’s (New Zealand) Ignite Festival amongst others…

Described by Sue Hunt (Manchester City Council Director of Marketing) as one of the best examples of original modern, he continues to be a leading creative light not only in the region, but nationally  and internationally.


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