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Comic book heroes fight global corruption

Just as the X-Men fought crime in the pages of comic books, so now an exhibition of comic strips looks set to do the same for global corruption in the real world.

The exhibition launches the new anthology, Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption, a collection from some of the world's best graphic novelists, comic artists and satirists – such as Lee O'Connor, Pat Mills, V V Brown, Dave McKean and Dan Goldman – who have come together to engage and challenge the issues of social justice. The limited edition comic book features original work and hopes to enthuse and politicise a new generation of activists through the medium of popular comic culture.

In September ’09, Ctrl.Alt.Shift ran a competition asking people to create comic strips on the theme of corruption. The winners work was exhibited in the Lazarides Gallery in London in November ‘09 alongside a retrospective look at how comics and satire have been used throughout history to highlight political important issues.

The one-off comic book anthology, Ctrl.Alt.Shift Unmasks Corruption, will be available to buy at the exhibition and, for those who aren’t able to attend, can be bought through the Ctrl.Alt.Shift website.

Opening Night: Wednesday 12th May 2010

Exhibition runs: Thursday 13th May – Sunday 16th May 2010
Cost: Free Admission
Time:     Opening night:     6pm – 8pm, Wednesday 12th May
    Exhibition open:     12 – 8pm, Thursday – Saturday
                12 – 5pm Sunday

The opening night will also showcase Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s short films.

13 May 2010 Starting at 12pm

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also on the same day

Dont Pay To Play 3

This event is growing in popularity at an alarming rate!  The last event saw over 500 people come to the LAB to watch what was a fantastic showcase of young talent.  So round three is up - Friday 13th August - don't be superstitious now!!


Your chance to play and listen to the city's hottest new music at Manchester's most unique city centre space.

If you're a musician nowadays it can be a real struggle to find somewhere to play, and an audience to play to. Some venues make you sell tickets in order to play, and in the worst cases, you end up paying the venue! Well here at NOISE we think this is just plain wrong.

NOISELAB is handing the space over to young musicians and bands, offering a venue to play, a sound system, and an audience - for nowt, nadda, nothing - FREE!

Get Involved & Play

Our second 'DONT PAY TO PLAY' session is on Friday the 13th August.  From 7pm, NOISELAB is open to any young musicians or bands wanting to perform.
This session is open to anyone under the age of 30.
If you want to play, please email Emma, community@noisefestival.com for a timeslot.

Get Involved & Watch

Get down to the Lab on the evening of the 13th August, to see the very best new music the North West has to offer.


Friday 13th August
42 Market Street



13 August 2010 Starting at 7pm

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