Dont Pay To Play!

Presentations - Live Art

NOISELAB is handing the space over to young musicians and bands, offering a venue to play, a sound system, and an audience - for nowt, nadda, nothing - FREE!

Get down to the Lab on the evening of the 04th June to see the very best new music the North West has to offer - featuring...

Laura Catlow
Rick Cigna
Neil Ward
We Shiver
Spirited Away
Filthy Skint
Rae Morri
Hartford Home
Nicola Nugent
The Gracies
Natalie Bedford

04 June 2010 Starting at 7pm

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also on the same day

Dont Pay To Play Part 1

Your chance to play and listen to the city's hottest new music at Manchester's most unique city centre space.

If you're a musician nowadays it can be a real struggle to find somewhere to play, and an audience to play to. Some venues make you sell tickets in order to play, and in the worst cases, you end up paying the venue! Well here at NOISE we think this is just plain wrong.

NOISE LAB’s first Don’t Pay To Play, provided a space, a sound system and a great crowd, for young musicians wanting to perform.  All different genres of music were covered, and the event provided a wonderful opportunity for networking amongst the North West’s most promising undiscovered talent.

Video: 30 min

04 June 2010 Starting at 6pm

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06 June 2010

was a good night :) enjoyed playing