Dont Pay To Play Part 2

09 July 2010

Well it was our first Dont Pay To Play on the 4th June, and we were so pleased with how it went, we wanted to do another one!

Your chance to play and listen to the city's hottest new music at Manchester's most unique city centre space.

If you're a musician nowadays it can be a real struggle to find somewhere to play, and an audience to play to. Some venues make you sell tickets in order to play, and in the worst cases, you end up paying the venue! Well here at NOISE we think this is just plain wrong.

NOISELAB handed the space over to young musicians and bands, offering a venue to play, a sound system, and an audience - for nowt, nadda, nothing - FREE!

Check out the 'Don't Pay To Play II' video (35 min):

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Jules Benji
23 July 2010

Enjoyed the night... thanks for the pleasure allowing me to play... had some awesome bands there... looking forward to the next one... :)

Laura Catlow
20 July 2010

Was a really good night. I've not got to my bit yet, all the acts were awesome. If you liked me, come and be my friend at

Victoria (NOISE)
20 July 2010

Hey thanks Laura, you got your music on yet? Free online portfolios and you get your own URL! Unfortunetly the sound on the camera distroted the last bands sound so were unable to use it on the edit - many apologies. Please email me if you have any further lovely comments x

01 August 2010

It was awesome really enjoyed it, if you liked me check me out on or

02 August 2010

Have you all uploaded your tracks to

Jamaine Scantlebury
03 August 2010

Had a really good time performing it was really good seeing all you guys doing your thing If you liked me, come aadd me at