Graham Massey (808 State) Workshop

28 February 2010

As part of Flux Magazine’s February residency at the NOISE Lab, Graham Massey (808 State, Homelife, Toolshed) hosted a workshop, talk and performance based on his colourful musical career.

Graham is one of the UK's most consistently creative producer/composers with recordings dating back to the late seventies and with legendary label, Factory Records, through the birth of Rave culture with the internationally successful electronic group 808State.

Massey’s re-mixer/ production credentials is a  list who’s who of  contemporary music  over the past 30 years; composing for Film,TV and Theatre or organising the musical community of his home city Manchester into wayward soundtrack orchestras and organ quartets.

A musical life of constant reinvention can find Graham playing his music in various guises on various instruments in small clubs to huge festivals all over the planet.


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