How to Survive in the Ever-Evolving Music Industry with Elliot Rashman (Happy Mondays Manager)

Seminar - Talk

"How to Survive in the Ever-Evolving Music Industry"

With Elliot Rashman (Happy Mondays Manager) & Techno DJ Mistress De Funk (BBC R1 & Sankey's)

17.30 for a 18.00 start till 20.00

    * Musician? Producer? Songwriter? Manager? DJ? Singer?
    * Looking for that big break in the music industry?

A lot has changed in the music industry since those ‘Madchester’ times, when Elliot managed indie outfit Happy Mondays & Simply Red.  People are less inclined to spend money on music now due to the freedom of internet sharing and wannabes looking for a quick route to success through the likes of the X Factor, and Britains Got Talent. 
Unfortunately this has left a lot of young artists with no idea of how to manage themselves, or how to develop as an artist.

Elliot will talk about the ways in which the music industry has changed, and will provide tools and knowledge for surviving in the industry as it is in its current guise.

Elliot is now a coach and  mentor for young artists, helping them get  the best out of themselves and work in the most efficient and successful way.  Elliot is a realist, and knows surviving as an artist now requires different skills.

02 March 2010 Starting at 5pm

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