NOISELAB Protest Month Windows

NOISE artist Mr Bowlegs is an interdisciplinary artist who is currently being featured in the NOISELAB Magazine Cover Window on Market Street througout April. The topical theme of ‘I Wanna Be Elected’ is the the basis for his window, layering hand –drawn illustrations designed to get the people thinking about their vote.

Also up this month is NOISE doodle-master Matt 'Sticky-Pop' Daniels who's adorning the NOISELAB 'Next Issue' window on Market Street, with his unique array of hand-drawn monsters and creatures in a DIY NOISE Bedroom scene. Matt had also been decorating the walls of the lab with his little scary things that go bump in the night!

And finally, the NOISELAB Contents window is showing off new Skateboard and t-shirt designers. The four NOISE Artists, Peter Rayner, Ken Leung, Sico Creative and Sticky Pop have taken over this fantastic space; that looks onto one of the most busiest shopping streets in Europe, with 2million people passing the LAB each month!

All the products and specially commissioned NOISE skateboards and T’s displayed in the window are for sale in NOISELAB.

Check out the window artists portfolios here:

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