Survive & Thrive with caro snatch

17 March 2010

NOISELAB welcomed caro snatch an artist, engineer and facilitator in sound based in Manchester. Reflecting on her own creative journey so far, caro showed how to “dare to be rare” and survive and thrive as an artist whilst remaining true to your creative self and vision.

This NOISELAB session was aimed at pioneers and independent, intuitive thinkers across all art forms with a focus on the field of music and sound.

Described as a “one-woman electronic avalanche”, caro snatch writes, programs and performs her very own brand of experimental music across Europe, composes music/sound for others and enables others to realise their musical expression as a studio engineer/producer and community project facilitator.

Caros creative career began thanks to disabling chronic pain which rendered her laid up for a few years at the age of 25.

She has decided to consider her somewhat unconventional path and approach to making music a strength, building on a niche market and demand for innovative music and sound projects.

“One-woman electronic avalanche” –

“a pioneering independent electronic musician” – Metro, UK

“The British Bjork…the ideal soundtrack for any…unconventional/ niche parties. It’s fantastic mood music, assuming the mood is smartly quirky” – Splendidezine, USA.


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