The Future of the Media with Bellyfeel

23 May 2010

Bellyfeel’s interactive film 'Crimeface' won 2 Webby Awards (Oscars of the internet) in 2008 and they continue to develop cutting edge technology alongside traditional storytelling to create compelling multiplatform media products.

(Translation: they make movies that you can watch when and where you want.)

Krishna Stott (head of Bellyfeel) came into NOISELAB to talk about the future of multiplatform, and the endless possibilities of interactive media with today’s ongoing development of crazy new technologies.

It was a perfect opportunity to get to grips with interactive drama and what lies beyond traditional formats.
Krishna was born a Shropshire Lad in the late sixties and he grew up obsessing about films and music. His first love was a tape recorder and used it to document and replay the best bits of his world. Upon leaving the farmlands he veered between brief careers in music and stone masonry before settling on film-making. Then a 660AV Apple Mac stopped him in his tracks in the mid 90’s and led him down the golden path to multimedia.

“Since then most of my waking moments have been taken up producing interactive stories and I dream up projects that will make good use of the crazy technology we surround ourselves with today.”

Krishna is also Producer/ Director/ Co-writer of ‘Crimeface’- a 30 min multiplatform interactive film. made Crimeface website of the day calling it ‘a glimpse of the future for onscreen fiction - a truly compelling experiment in storytelling’. In linear and episodic form Crimeface has been screened internationally at film festivals and is distributed on Vodafone 3g mobile phones in Ireland and Malaysia.


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